Area & Perimeter

You have been asked to help design enclosures to keep elephants for the zoo. 

The Zoo Keeper would like some different shaped enclosures to choose from. 

The zoo requires 100 square metres of space for each elephant. 

Design some enclosures with all measurements including how many elephants it will hold and the length of fencing required around the outside.










 Students make, describe and compare measurements of length, area, volume, mass and time using informal units.

Calculation of area through multiplication of the length of a rectangle by its width

Students estimate and measure length, area, volume, capacity, mass and time using appropriate instruments

Estimation and measurement of perimeter of polygons

Estimation and measurement of surface area; for example, use of square metres, and area of land; for example, use of hectares

Students use metric units to estimate and measure length, perimeter, area, surface area, mass, volume, capacity time and temperature

Development and use of formulas for the area and perimeter of triangles and parallelograms.

Students measure length, perimeter, area, surface area, mass, volume, capacity, angle, time and temperature using suitable units for these measurements in context.

They interpret and use measurement formulas for the area and perimeter of circles, triangles and parallelograms and simple composite shapes.


They interpret and use mensuration formulas for calculating the perimeter, surface area and volume of familiar two- and three-dimensional shapes and simple composites of these shapes.