Bruce Williams

Bruce has been working as a consultant in education since 1998.following many years of leading educational reform, especially in Mathematics and Science.  His vast experience as an educator spans the classroom to regional administration in Australia and the U.S.A., where he is recognized for his leadership in curriculum innovation and management of change.

He has studied at institutions both within Australia (James Cook, LaTrobe, Deakin, Edith Cowan) and abroad (Trinity, Harvard).

Bruce worked in New York from 2002-10 specializing in Mathematics from K -12 and is now based in Melbourne where he works with all levels of education in improving teaching and learning in mathematics. His most requested workshops include How to Think Like a Mathematician and Authentic Rich Open Problem Solving.

Bruce brings over 20 years classroom experience to schools and is instrumental in effecting positive pedagogical development. His work is strongly influenced by the latest educational developments in understanding of how children learn. He is able to bring this theory into the classroom creating empowered learners in an exciting, stimulating learning environment that empowers students and teachers alike.

He is published in curriculum development documents for the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Board (Australia) and various online articles.