Skip Counting Frogs

Learning Intentions:

·         Practice Skip Counting by numbers 2-9.

·         Use a metre ruler to skip count by a given number.

·         Identify the skip counting patterns.

·         Use the skip counting patterns to extend counting beyond 100.

·         Become fluent in skip counting by a chosen number.

Warm Up: Skip Counting by Fours.  

                Students count aloud by fours while I write the numbers on the board. Students identify any patterns formed. They use the pattern in the ones place (4, 8, 2, 6, 0, …) to practice skip counting as far as they can for 30 seconds.


Activity: Frog Jumping.

Show the students how the frog was jumping next to a metre ruler last night, landing on every third number. Have students identify how the frog was jumping, and what number it would land on next.

Students to do similar with their given animal (plastic zoo animals distributed) but choose their own number their animal will jump by.

Draw the jumps onto the IKEA paper metre ruler to 100.

Have students transfer these numbers into their books, recording the numbers their animal landed on.

Have students extend the pattern in their books beyond 100.

Students fill in a 100 chart showing the pattern their jumping animal made.



Students share their 100 chart pattern. Class describes each pattern made (2-9)



                Students identify the pattern made in the ones place for their animal.  They describe the pattern made by their animal into their books.


Success Criteria:

·         Students draw a skip counting pattern for a chosen number onto the 0-100 number line (metre ruler).

·         Students transfer the landed on numbers into their books.

·         Students extend the pattern beyond 100.

·         Students are able to transfer the pattern onto a 100 chart.

·         Students are able to describe the pattern on the 100 chart for their chosen number.

·         Students identify and describe the pattern in the ones place.